Things to consider Before Applying for Loan against Property

Every individual faces a point in life where they need some credit in order to purchase something. This credit is usually repaid through installments or through one-time payment. This credit or loan amount vsries based on needs of individuals.

In recent times taking a loan against property is becoming a popular concept. Under this, you can keep your property as collateral to the bank. The money granted will depend on the value of property which you own. There are several services which are good at money lending in tanjong pagar.  The important factor to be considered here is that the property which is owned should be in the name of the owner who has applied for a loan. Further we will discuss what all is required to take a loan on property.

Things To consider Before applying for a loan.

Before you step into the form filling or any formality of applying for a loan against property, there is some basic information which you should consider.

The interest rate Charged

The interest rates would vary based on loan amount, loan type, lender type and credit history. The amount of interest rate may also differ from banks to bank and lender to lender. One bank might charge more interest than the other. This is basic research that should be done which is comparing bank loans.

The Loan Amount you are Seeking

The best amount you can get against your property will depend on the current market value that your property holds.

Having said that, banks would also require real time area analysis of the area in which you have a property. In case the amount of your property is higher than expected, you will easily be granted the loan amount that you asked for.

The Repayment Tenure

The tenure of repayment completely depends on your capabilities to repay the loan. If you go. for smaller installments, there will be a long tenure for the loan repayment. If you go for higher EMIs, the loan will be repaid in a shorter duration.

Process and other charges levied

Getting a loan too requires some formalities for which documentation charges are levied. Service charge, Prepayment charges, Statutory charges etc are some of these. When you consider applying for a loan, always consider adding all these charges before making an decision of taking loan.


The decision of loan should be taken after you consider what all you need to arrange in order to take the loan. There are various services offered by banks and money lenders that help customers apply for a loan.

Note that the final decision of taking a loan should include you consent. Never sign off any documents without reading them properly.